It’s harsh

Life is harsh in ways many,

I go on without traces of any.

Choices are many, chances are few,

Ends with eyes filled with dew.

I walked past you strong and cold,

Thinking what happened was so bold.

Later it hits me, I was wrong

I’ve pushed my limits,I am like a band,

Yet I am left empty and aching,

Gone with the wind are my last hopes of making,

Tried I have to make him understand, that 

I changed myself for the one..

But he is gone far.. Far from my reach,

Now my voice only echoes within my peach.

My hopes are killed, I am exhausted,

Gone with the wind are those whom I wanted..



The Birthday Gift

The best Birthday Gift would be:

The biggest wings ever that could conquer the bright blue sky

The most comforting hug ever to make all my worries say goodbye

The freedom of thought and will to soar high

The words that spoke the truth without any lies

The hand that would hold me in all y free flies

The understanding that would make my falls a stepping in the rise

The defeat that becomes the base for all my fights

The path that shows the wrongs and the rights


The life that lives in the Lord.

Now what stands is this:

Are these to be earned and then stacked in the book called life!


Can it be bought and stamped as rusted knifes?

A Thought.

I am born out of nothingness

Yet life revolves around me

Many are afraid to let me in,

for I am of the kind that brings chaos to even something simple as TEa

For some I am free flowing

But others have to work for it.

I can run like forest fire,

and Be gone like the Wind

I can bring a new meaning to life

or sometimes I can be manipulative and crude in my ways

Freedom is rule at work.

I am also a priced possession among those who know my worth.

I am commonly known as



A New Me

The world I knew, is not known to me anymore

The raindrops I saved in papercups are overflowing with tears.

My land  is forbidden to me and to those whom I’d let in

Run away lil’ one is what all said

You will find new doors everywhere ahead.

But do I want to run away or do I wish to stay and set things right.

Gone are the days when you were tiny and weak

Remember my words whenever you fall meek.

The Voice

With every wind I feel so cold,

Your words are bare and ever so bold.

“Turn to me and face me like a man,” said the Wind

She fell on her knees and begged,” I cannot stand.”

And then she heard

The voice she kept dismissing all her life

It demanded support and strong will like it was his wife

“Move along the path, he said

You will fulfill your journey and your road will end.”

“Will it be a happy one?” she asked

He smiled and said with all his heart,

“My child, fear not coz I am near,

Believe in me and I will hear.”

The Rookie

Strength and might was everything they saw in him

What they overlooked was the softness that laid deep within.

He lifted tons of weight and walked miles without a sound

They took it for his huge arms and gave him more ground.

He was shy and subtle with all that he did

Never did he hurt a fly or a kid.

For every show, he was groomed like a bride

and never did he show that the one he loved died.

He danced and sang for all the other kinds

and with every tune he was strangled tighter in his own binds.

His fame reached borders and his work become intense

with every effort he made, his pain grew dense.

Never could he muster the courage to run away

because he loved them dearly all his way.

And then, 

Came a day that none could surpass

the silent old rookie died, and 

was at peace atlast.