I am also your HALF

I make half of the world and by nature, I am mild,

Yet, I am killed when I am a child.

You’ve killed me before I am born,

Thinking I am a thorn.

Yet, I am bought and sold,

Thinking I am gold.

I have rights over myself, I am not for sale,

Yet bride price and dowry prevail.

You call me mother, daughter and sister,

Yet you consider my presence a blister.

I am no less than you in talent and brain,

Still you exploit me till my last grain.

I want to study, I too have dreams,

Yet, You turn a deaf ear to all my screams.

My wings mostly tied, I can’t fly,

Without being at fault and Why?

I,  make your soul curl and swirl,

Who am I ?

I am a Girl.