To Nani, with love

Its been more than two decades that we have been together. We have practically grown in each other over these years. With the gap of 40 years and more between us, I now feel so attached that I feel scared to live on knowing that you won’t be there to hold my hand.

You raised to me be what I am now. Your constant encouragement and love was my major push to study better and to become a better person. You looked into my every need, you still do. But have I looked into what you need?I may have but I have not definitely not given back the same amount.

With the generations of gap between us, you came down to my level to love me. All you demanded was a little love and care. I’ve loved you with  all my heart, God knows. You never let your age become a barrier between us. I am grateful to you for that. I am grateful to God for having me grow in your protective wings of care and affection.

You were the person whom I came too, when I was hurt. We cried together, we played together. I fought with you like a peer, because you never made me feel that you were 50 years older than me. You understood me like a friend. You guided me like a mentor. You were more than a mother to me. But of course, you should be since you are her Mother;)

Yes, you have been, you are and you will always be my Nani ❤

The one who taught patience and love, the most valuable lessons in life.

You will always be my favourite. Even though now you are very ill and might be soon gone. I know you will live on through my eyes.

Nani ❤


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